June 1, 2016

Premiere: Kilo Tango - "Gone Baby Gone"

Kilo Tango's "Gone Baby Gone" is the ultimate summer dream.

I personally find that the best bands are the ones that I'd want to call my own friends. Florida's Kilo Tango is a prime example of that – their magical garage rock is so effortlessly fun that it makes me want to befriend each of the band's four members. And if their gritty and glittery pop wasn't enough to hold me captive, my friend crush on frontwoman Katie Mitchell was solidified after reading an interview where she referenced Gilmore Girls as one of her favorite shows and drops some A+ words of wisdom relevant to all aspiring artists.

Their newest single "Gone Baby Gone" might sound lighthearted on the surface but is about things getting tough and needing to run away from all of life's problems. Coasting by with surfy guitar riffs and jangly tambourines, this escapist song makes for the ultimate summer dream. After what felt like endless weeks of cold weather, this track lands in our laps just as the summer is finally beginning.


Listen to Kilo Tango on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo