June 14, 2016

LP: soccer mommy - songs from my bedroom

Get nervous butterflies with Nashville's soccer mommy.

I searched our site for "soccer mommy" to see if we've written about the project before and found a draft reviewing her debut album songs for the recently sad. Barely a paragraph long of disjointed words strung together, my best attempt at describing the moniker of Nashville's Sophie Allison has remained unpublished since last fall. It's almost a year later but I'm still listening to soccer mommy and struggling to find the right words to describe the intricate ways Allison weaves her cryptic love songs. Love defined by soccer mommy most likely involves painstaking longing and uncertainty. On her latest album songs from my bedroom, relationships are personified in a way that's anxiety inducing. Nervous butterflies flutter so hard that they cause literal stomach pains ("benadryll dreams"), lovers take each other for granted ("you won't leave"), jealousy and insecurity build up walls ("molly ringwald").

"I don't think love should be this mean," Allison sings in "you won't leave" which seems to capture the entire essence of songs from my bedroom in one lyric. Almost every single verse on the album describes the struggle of finding requited love. Second to last track "wavering" elaborates on this amidst a lush bedroom pop landscape – "you're the one I need / and I think everyone can see / so why are you still wavering?" soccer mommy demands answers and capitalizes on the different layers of love – the things left unspoken and the murky in-between – but provides us with a cathartic outlet to turn to in the process.


Listen to soccer mommy on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo