June 21, 2016

LP: NV - Binasu

Don't let Russian artist NV go unnoticed.

Occasionally the best releases can slip right past us – they can slip past everyone. It’s unfortunate, but when we discover these gems littered through the vast pages of soundcloud and bandcamp, it’s an amazing feeling. It’s exciting, and also a bit confusing as to how these elusive yet incredible records were able to sneak by without notice. A great example of this is NV’s debut record Binasu. It was released earlier this year but overlooked by nearly everyone, the record went unnoticed. However, stumbling across it was one of the best things I’ve done in months. The project of Russian artist Kate Shilonosova, NV focuses on creating dreamy pop music. She creates a form of pop music so masterfully layered and adventurous in its arranging that it pushes the genre and molds it into Shilonosova’s own unique neon vision.

Inspired by 1980s Japanese synth-wave, Shilonosova holds this influence close as she constantly plays off its colorful and bubbly electronics. Although the record is grounded in its influences, the real genius of the LP is its complexity and its experimentation. These points of influence act nothing more as a jumping off point in which Shilonosova continuously adds her own charm, blending in samples of industrial bits and bells and flawlessly weaving in her sweet and hypnotic vocals. The record is anything but simple. From the first track “Bells Burp,” NV lays her instrumental genius out into this canonic and building bell and chime arrangement, and then continues this level of intricacy throughout the rest of her ten track debut. Her darker songs like “Grass in the Woods” or “Nobinobi” still fit in perfectly with her more playful and bubbly tracks, like the title track “Binasu” or the infectious “Kata” whose intro, in my opinion, acts as the catchiest moment of the entire album. Track by track, the record shows an impressive level of creativity and charm. Bold, exciting, and sweet to its core, Binasu is an incredible debut – one that took a few months to find but will continue to be exciting for a long time to come.


Listen to NV on soundcloud.

Amy Garlesky is a philosophy/political science student and freelance writer based in Cleveland, OH and Burlington, VT. Follow her ramblings on twitter @ayygarl.