June 22, 2016

EP: Yolks - Our Other Songs

Yolks is much more than just a few girls having fun.

Yolks is a humble yet political band in its earliest and most pure stages. The group isn't claiming to be a hardcore feminist coven of witches, but there is also no evidence of them denying it either. Curiously, they band is almost nonexistent on the Internet. Aside from their sole bandcamp page, which includes very little about the members of Yolks other than that they are from Vancouver and that they are “just a few gals...having a good time.” They have only released two EPs, the first being a three song debut of demos called Not Ur Bae, followed by a four song EP called Our Other Songs, which was released last month. In my research, I found that there’s also more than one diner in Vancouver named Yolks. But if this band has anything to do with any real-life breakfast food, they make no mention of it in their typically candid, diary entry-esque lyrics.

Yolks is just a group of friends who are saying (technically singing) “Fuck you,” quite literally, in their song “The Criminal Justice System is Broken,” and figuratively, just by the nature of their politically-informed music. Yolks is not striving to be the biggest, most monumental, or the best, but they are normalizing the idea that females can make music without the self-censoring that caters to a male-dominated scene. Our Other Songs is just simple songs with sincere messages. In the song “Body,” vocalist Erica unabashedly proclaims “I’m on my period again, a monthly visit from an old friend,” and continues to talk about her personal relationship with her body, and the complications and romanticization of being feminine-bodied. Instead of wanting to crawl under a rock during their periods (which I, and so many others hope to do during that time of the month), they decided to sing about it in a band with their friends. They’re an inspiration in their transparency, which is really what many bands aspires to be. In theory, the nature of their lyricism and music means my review doesn’t matter much, because Yolks will continue enjoying themselves and making music, not for me, not for this review, and definitely not for the patriarchy, but just for fun.


Listen to Yolks on bandcamp.

Leann Bescript, a recent graduate of SUNY Purchase, full-time nanny and freelance journalist. Generally, she is regarded as the all-knowing 5-second-rule referee in the workplace, or anywhere else that anyone might've accidentally dropped food and needed moral support to eat it anyway.