June 21, 2016

EP: Pink Eye - boyz

We've got a dreamy obsession with Philly's Pink Eye.

Pop, glitter, horny, magic, sparkle. These are all of the tags on Pink Eye’s bandcamp page and are truly the best words to describe their new EP, boyz. Pink Eye is a lo-fi dream pop project that comes from the unexpected setting of Philadelphia. A rather self-explanatory title, boyz foreshadows an obsession with not just a singular boy but boys, it seems, as a concept. The album is bedroom pop in every sense of the word. Your bedroom is where most of your daydreaming is done and where most desires are enhanced due to imagination. Thoughts and feelings that aren't viable in the real world make sense in your bedroom when you're all alone, or maybe they don't make any sense and that's okay too because they don't have to. Scenarios that are implausible are lived through in bedrooms. I don't mean to say Pink Eye sings of only one-sided fantasies, but also fully realized romances where in the end the other person is thinking about her just as much as she thinks about them.

In the opening track "Scaredy Cat," a minimalist pop song, she sings, “You only look after yourself,” while she only thinks of them. The following track is aptly named "Think of Me," which has an arrangement of vocals and a helpful bassline guiding you to Pink Eye’s voice lead as it trails and dips throughout. The voice is airy and light, becoming a stream of consciousness in your head. The final track, "Sincerely," is a shimmering, lighthearted love song. There is no concept of time on their love. “Just keep it simply, let’s start a family,” is the final line of the EP. You start to question what is real and what is fantasy in this love story. Pink Eye sings of all those irrational thoughts we have at the beginning of relationships that maybe we don't want to admit to thinking; having that beginners' eye for every crush that probably won't last. Daydreaming may be dangerous but without digressing into psychoanalysis, sometimes it's just as exciting to love someone all alone.

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Hannah Shields is a former child prodigy and current unemployed college drop out. When she is not writing things and filming things about herself you can find her on stage talking about herself and calling it comedy.