June 24, 2016

7": Jay Som - I Think You're Alright / Rush

Feel your way through Jay Som's new 7".

I’m lying in a pile on my bed. The sun is leaking in through the windows, I’m squinting out; trying to figure out if the rest of the world is still going on outside without me. My bed isn’t covered in a pile of things, I’m really just lying in a pile of myself. Jay Som’s latest 7” has melted all my organs into one another, so now I’m nothing but a mound of my own feelings. I’ve been having a lot of feelings as of late and Jay Som reminded me of that. The two songs on the 7" are full of dreaming, melting, and breathing deeper than you ever have before.

Tapping its way in, "I Think You’re Alright" opens as tenderly as fingertips on denim. Easing in gently, soothing guitar tones immediately settle in. This is until the words come in, catching you off guard with feelings hard to hear: “I’ll wipe your blood off the concrete / Take you to the party / We’ll drink until our brains black out / … / and God, you’re so pretty / Your smile’s unforgiving / I’ll place it where nobody can find.” Lay across the melting of Melina Duterte’s voice, these lines hit hard – unexpected and unforgiving. Next up is "Rush," a completely different side to Jay Som. Jangly and buoyant guitars build us up from where we left off, as Duterte vocally evokes tones like a tuned-down Mitski. Lending us a whole new frame of mind, Jay Som wills us to ignore everything the first track told us to feel: “Just hold your head up high / Forget your feelings for a while”. In a matter of a few moments, Jay Som pulls out the deepest parts of us – and yet, they still manage to soothe out the skin that’s left behind as she goes. This 7” demands a lot from how you take it. Cleaning up blood, hurting hard, and forgetting the feelings along the way, Jay Som will leave you woozy; scrambling to pick up every last piece of yourself as the world keeps on spinning. You’ll be nothing but a pile of feelings by the end of it – I can speak from experience. The 7" is out via Fat Possum Records as of right now. Go feel your way through it.


Listen to Jay Som on bandcamp.

Madalyn Trewin, a scrawny Australian with way too much time on her hands, endlessly staring up at the sky. She likes to pull words out of the air and put them back together as well as she can. So, most of the time, she’s pretending she’s a poet all over her blog