May 19, 2016

Stream: T-Rextasy - Jurassic Punk

T-Rextasy's Jurassic Punk has finally arrived.

High school is an interesting time for many of us. Those four years are some of the most formative ones we'll experience, as well as potentially the setting for a number of our best and worst memories. While many teenagers dream of and actually do start bands in high school, they're usually forced to break up once graduation hits and members go their separate ways. That, however, was not the case for New York's T-Rextasy. The band's five members met and started collaborating during high school but continued to write, record, and release songs well into their college years.

It's hard enough keeping in touch with friends in different places but what if those friends are also your bandmates? T-Rextasy's first full length Jurassic Punk makes LDRs look a lot easier than they are in reality. The album is bubbling with infectious pop punk meets ska melodies, punchy tongue in cheek lines, and giddy adolescent hyper activity. Each song flips through the band's personal yearbook, taking an ultra sassy sneak peak into their shared high school experiences. From reminiscing about a cafeteria woman to humorously gossiping about "gap year boys", the band generously invites us on a walk down memory lane with them on Jurassic Punk. They may have the spunkiness of No Doubt, the sorry-not-sorry swagger of Bikini Kill, and the catchiness of the Ramones, but T-Rextasy sounds unlike anything you've ever heard before on their new album. Stream Jurassic Punk below and pre-order it from Father/Daughter and Miscreant Records.

T-Rextasy on their new album Jurassic Punk:

"When we started T-Rextasy, we were in high school, so that's what we wrote about: lunch ladies in the cafeteria, boys we liked, books we were reading in English class and dreams of becoming rockstars. We wrote these songs because we finally had an outlet where we could; we had made a community within ourselves as musicians. And so we wrote.

Then we went to college, and things changed. We didn't see each other for a while, we communicated via convoluted group text, we wrote music on our own instead of together. We realized that some things were different from high school but some were the same. There were still dumb music bros – piles of them – who thought that all their pedals made them gods. So we knew we had to keep making music. We wrote not just because we loved doing it, but because it was needed.

That first summer after college, we recorded Jurassic Punk. Some of it was part time capsule; things that were so entrenched in our high school identities and important to us then. Some of it was new; new breakups, new injustices, new thoughts. But all of it felt, and still feels, important. Jurassic Punk is our first album and is the culmination of music that we’ve been dreaming and scheming about for three years. If you take anything from it please take this: our thoughts, our music, our personal expression is important. It was important when we were 17, and it's important now. We must emphasize this because we are women, and we are young. People would have us believe that our voices don't matter. But we know they do. So, without further ado, we give you Jurassic Punk."


Listen to T-Rextasy on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo