May 26, 2016

Stream: Brenda's Friend - House Down

Stream Brenda's Friend's sophomore album House Down.

A little over a year ago, two Bloomington, Indiana-based artists and friends came together and released their debut album Under the Shrub. Amy Oelsner (Amy O) and Erin Tobey combined make up Brenda's Friend – the project started out of mutual respect for each other's personal songwriting and ultimately evolved into the dreamiest of creative collaborations.

Recorded with sound engineer Patrick Jennings in a carpeted basement, House Down is their most recent effort as Brenda's Friend. If you were under the impression that a musical duo would be boring in any sense, you'd be quickly proven wrong after listening to a few songs off their new album. Oelsner and Tobey accomplish what many bigger bands struggle to do between just the two of them: craft an incredibly skilled, multidimensional body of work. The songs on the House Down fall across the board – from energetic folk rock to lush doo-wop harmonies – and refines the sonic details that originally drew us in on Under the Shrub last year. Stream the album and mark your calendars with their mini-tour dates below.

Brenda's Friend on their new album House Down:

"We find ourselves standing outside of a room, music is playing inside but the building starts to fall down around us so we run out into the yard. Water everywhere, in our hair, in the air. Find a way for limbs to spin and wings to swim. Up in the clouds we see the past played out behind us. The sky spits us out and we fall to the ground. Back in the yard, the water dried up and the garden grew full. Green city, winter's ending, spring beginning. Spread eagle in the sand, flowers grow through the rubble."


Listen to Brenda's Friend on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo