May 9, 2016

Split: boyscout thriller / DUMP HIM - dump yr boyfriend for the thrill

boyscout thriller and DUMP HIM collaborate for a cathartic four-song split.

In 2002, Britney Spears was pictured wearing an iconic teeshirt with the words "dump him" on it shortly after her break-up with Justin Timberlake. I honestly think about that a lot, probably much more than the average person has or ever should think about it, and I would be lying if I said boyscout thriller and DUMP HIM's split entitled dump yr boyfriend for the thrill didn't remind me of that moment immediately. 

I discovered dump yr boyfriend for the thrill somewhere in the depths of Bandcamp and it was my first exposure to both projects – boyscout thriller hailing from Philadelphia and DUMP HIM coming at us from Northampton, Massachusetts. The four-song collaboration between them is as cathartic as wearing a teeshirt with the words "dump him" strewn across it; the sentiments echoed by both artists are raw and relatable, stream of conscious, and full of sizzling personal authenticity. boyscout thriller is the moniker of Jennie Simonson who self-describes the project as "an exploration of a non-binary individual's experience with college, love, and mental illness" and their contributions to the split touches upon most if not all of these concepts. In "ghost," catchy and poignant lyrics illustrate what it's like to physically and emotionally untangle yourself from a relationship in an act of self-preservation. "I will not answer any of your calls / Isn't that what self-love consists of?" they ask as the track opens; the gravity of this statement amongst quick, tempered acoustic chords send goosebumps up my arms. As the track concludes, it becomes clear that it is less about heartbreak and more about leaving behind that which no longer serves you in order to foster growth. On the contrary, DUMP HIM aka Jaclyn Walsh notes Tegan and Sara as an influence and their songs on the split deal with the idea of being distracted or disconnected in some way, whether it be from the people around you or your own feelings. In "spectator," they tackle experiences of dissociation with the metaphor "and I'm outside but there's a window between / what I feel and what I can see." It's the kind of line you expect to read in a poetry zine but feels even more fitting as a way to wrap up this split between two of our new favorite artists.


Listen to boyscout thriller and DUMP HIM on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo