May 20, 2016

Premiere: Post Pink - "Fhe"

Listen to a new track from Baltimore's Post Pink.

It's impossible to forget the first people you thought were really cool when you were younger. They could have been in your town's singles punk band or were the badasses that smoked cigarettes behind your school. For me, it was a girl who was friends with all the skater boys and posted moody Belle and Sebastian songs on her Xanga before we even knew that twee existed. My friends and I low-key tried to copy her, but were also too scared to try and actually be her friend. With all people you idolize, as we grew up she just became another girl in my high school that was less cool and scary than I thought. But I choose to remember her as the girl who introduced me to Sofia Coppola films and indirectly helped me figure out that you can like weird shit when you're in middle school. So when you find a band that describes their sound as "the older kids in high school that teach you how to look cool when you spit, wear cat eyeliner, and make out," how can you not listen? This is exactly what Baltimore's Post Pink did, and we're lucky enough that they exceed these expectations on their debut tape. I'm way past my teen days, but I'm kind of wishing that I could move back to Maryland so Post Pink could take me under their collective wing.

Post Pink is made up of familiar musicians in the Baltimore crowd, consisting of members of bands Crimson Wave and Big Mouth. Their latest tape I Believe You, OK is being released this weekend on D.C.'s consistently solid Sister Polygon Records, but you can already pre-order the tape here and unleash your inner rebellious teen. We're thrilled to premiere standout track "Fhe", which shows the juxtaposition between Post Pink's emotional message with their fire, take-no-bullshit attitude. Hopefully there are kids out there that hear I Believe You, OK and realize they can be cool as fuck too.

Post Pink on "Fhe":

"This song is definitely more personal than most songs I've written, and I found it hard to play live the first couple times. It pretty much boils down to being with someone and seeing all these really special things about them, these really positive things. It's about wanting these things to occupy an intimate, personal space between you, but you find that it's something being shared freely with others. It's about how badly it can hurt to work to create a personal space that simply isn't noticed. One of my favorite aspects of this record is that we go from having these super personal songs, like fhe and socks, to raunchy songs like take me, to creepy songs like icky Arnold. It's fun to explore all these different feelings in one 20 minute swoop."


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Written by Emily Thompson