May 31, 2016

Premiere: Lisa Prank - "Turn It Up"

Turn it up with a new song from Lisa Prank.

In the summer of 2013, I played bass in a short-lived punk band called Lisa Drank. My best friend and I thought this was an incredibly imaginative play-on-words as we were juxtaposing our childhood obsession with the multicolored stickers and notebooks with our current degenerate college kid status. When I saw a few months later that there was another artist called Lisa Prank, I was surprised to know we weren't the only ones to think of Lisa Frank-themed band names. But after listening to Lisa Prank's first tape, Crush on the World, I knew we could happily co-exist in the world (besides, Lisa Drank had a much shorter shelf life). If you do a search through the archives of The Le Sigh, you'll quickly discover that we've had our own crush on Robin Edwards (the mind behind Lisa Prank) since the arrival of the cassette. It was impossible to not fall for her sincere but playful pop-punk attitude as she tried to navigate the pitfalls and weirdness of love over five songs with just a guitar and a drum machine. Since the release of Crush over two years ago, Edwards has solidified Lisa Prank as one of her adopted town of Seattle's standout musical acts along with Childbirth, Chastity Belt, and Tacocat, who she frequently collaborates and plays with. But it's been a minute since 2014 and we were getting a little antsy for just one new Lisa Prank tune. Luckily, Edwards answered our prayers and announced her very relatable-titled debut record, Adult Teen, which will be out on Father/Daughter Records and Miscreant Records on June 24.

Adult Teen picks up where Crush on the World ended, with many of the songs making the jump to the LP in a new fleshed-out form. In the last two years, Edwards is still trying to figure out this ambiguously weird thing we call love but has also gotten a little older and wise. "Turn It Up" is an original to Adult Teen (and is not about getting turnt) and comes in right before the album closes out. Edwards takes queues from the classic "Be My Baby" opening drumbeat before she evaluates the signs of moving on from a relationship. "My eyes are dry when I hear your name / It's getting easier to sleep alone / I've got my friends, I have my room, I have my phone," she sings in a tone that's almost melancholic but strays on the side of optimism. We're used to songs about the extreme emotions that come with a relationship – the initial butterflies of a crush, the surreality of falling in love, and the devastating loss of a break up. But it's just as inspiring and motivating to feel yourself coming alive again and regaining your footing after you think your world is falling apart. The end of love is inherently sad, but Edwards reminds us that sometimes you just need to change that song or put on your shoes and get out into the world. If that doesn't work, you can always put on your own Lisa Prank paper crown and channel Edwards' words of wisdom.


Listen to Lisa Prank on soundcloud and pre-order the vinyl here and the cassette here.

Written by Emily Thompson