May 30, 2016

Premiere: Honeyuck - "Best Thought"

Stream a new single from Florida's Honeyuck.

When I discovered Honeyuck's first tape, very tiny songs, I immediately swooned over their sweet, synthy songs about first day of school nerves and wanting to kiss your crush in the drive-thru line. But I knew I had totally fallen for the band when I saw the message at the bottom of their bandcamp page that said, "a special thanks 2 the heart-breakin cute boys who inspired us 2 write these songs we hate u xoxo." The duo behind Honeyuck, friends Hannah Wait and Lexi Long, may seem cutesy on the surface, but they aren't afraid to inject a sense of humor and realness into their twee pop tunes. They list Lil Wayne as an influence right after Tiger Trap on their Facebook page and will call out boys for being dicks in their songs (see "softboy" for a perfect example). Through all the misery of heartbreak and relationships that just don't work out, Honeyuck reminds us that we can still LOL through the pain and even make something cool out of it.

It's been almost a year since very tiny songs came out, so we're super thrilled to grace the world with a new Honeyuck track. "Best Thought" is the latest single from the two, and it's got me swooning all over again. The song comes to you via Viridian Sounds, the Florida-based label that has released cassettes by The Le Sigh favorites Naps and Coping Skills. If you aren't totally sold yet, the B-side of the single is a dreamy, stripped-down cover of Jesus and Mary Chain's "Just Like Honey" that might be even better than the original. The single comes with the potential promise of a new record from Honeyuck, which can't come fast enough. Listen to "Best Thought" and read some words from the duo below.

Honeyuck on "Best Thought":

"we're currently sitting on a bunch of new tracks... sometimes we get a lil teary-eyed just thinking about em. hannah would like to thank the two straight hours of sarah recs she listened to and her resulting insomnia for these particular songs."


Listen to Honeyuck on Soundcloud. 

Written by Emily Thompson