May 17, 2016

Premiere: gobbinjr - "reason"

Watch gobbinjr's dreamy music video for "reason." 

Where most artists confront songwriting by looking outward for inspiration, gobbinjr's approach instead draws inward and places weight on the individual experience. NY-based artist Emma Witmer is the woman behind the project and its solo-minded sentiments. In July 2015, she debuted her first album manalang which was written and recorded over a number of years. manalang is an extremely private collection – Witmer's own unapologetic dreamworld belonging to no one else. But throughout the course of its eleven songs, she invites us to engage with this secret space and the experience doing so is pure euphoria.

"reason" is one tender dream pop anthem that appears on manalang. The lyrics are open-ended and simplistic, but the song itself twirls with sparkling synths into a heavenly hymn. We are beyond excited to share the new music video for "reason" today. Much like the song, the video's footage and animation is as mesmerizing as it is meaningful.

gobbinjr on the music video for "reason":

"The concept behind the “reason” music video was simple – I wanted to capture everyday beauty. I was staying at my parents’ house in Champaign, IL and would take short videos of any moments that I felt moved by with my phone. I kept this up when I went to visit friends in Madison, WI as well. I wanted to keep the meaning of the song “reason” as ambiguous as possible while still creating a thing of beauty, so I tried to do the same in making the video. 

The video heavily features my dog, Lacy, who is also my best friend and probably who I relate to most in the world. I think a lot of people don’t realize how expressive and communicative dogs are, which is why I wanted to showcase Lacy’s expressions in this video. I think a big part of gobbinjr is thinking beyond mankind and being aware of the other living things around us, so I tried to keep a lot of the video humanless. My friend Emily Massey makes a short appearance as well as my sister’s cat Hoodoo. Tasha Sanger animated the video, which brought a whole new life to it. Her animations really made it look like a music video and not just a collection of shitty videos of nothing. I’m thankful for my surroundings and hope this comes across in the video."

Listen to gobbinjr on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo