May 11, 2016

Premiere: Cadet Kelly - "Throttle You"

Dive head first into Cadet Kelly's new track "Throttle You."

Cadet Kelly is a Brooklyn-based band composed of members Spencer Fox, Gabriela Tully Claymore, and KT Pipal. The idea came about in 2013, when Spencer and Gabriela were at a show together and decided the title of the Disney Channel original film would be a good band name. However, it wasn't until the following year that they actually started writing songs at Gabriela's apartment, and later recording demos and adding drummer KT Pipal to the mix. If you're like me and didn't catch them on the DBTS: BS3 compilation, this is probably your first exposure to their music. They joke about being "just another mediocre band in Brooklyn" on their Facebook page, but after listening to their new track "Throttle You" you'll know that's hardly the case.

"Throttle You" is a short song, just under a minute, but is the kind of banger that will inevitably leave you wanting more. It doesn't waste any time before it bursts into an explosive chorus "vulnerability looks really bad on me / my body's an anxiety refinery." Just as quickly as the song builds up, it slows and unwinds, crawling back into the place it was first hiding. Cadet Kelly has been recording more regularly since finishing undergrad so we're praying that we hear more from them soon. Until then, stream their new song below.

Gabriela Tully Claymore on "Throttle You":
"This is a song about wanting to tell someone to go fuck themselves but then freaking out and being chill instead."


Photo by Adam Gundersheimer.

Written by Diana Cirullo