May 4, 2016

LP: Wussy - Forever Sounds

Wussy's latest album delivers a heavy dose of scuzzy Midwestern shoegaze.

Relationships (with your friends, your friends with benefits, the people you sleep with who you’d never have be your actual friends, etc.) can become catastrophes. Every time we give a little bit of ourselves, a part of us quietly dies. Often we mourn the death of that little part of us on our lonesome, but occasionally with friends who don’t want to hear it after the free wine is gone. It can be lonely and sometimes there aren’t words for the feelings anyways. In these times, music is the great eulogy for the private funerals we hold internally for our taken pieces of self. Wussy’s Forever Sounds is perfect for remembering and mourning many of those more shallow (but still worthwhile) relationships.

Wussy’s sixth album brings more of the scuzzy Midwest shoegaze that, in the last few years, the band has come to be known for. Adorning the dark sounds of the record are glum motifs of death, haunting spirits, and supernatural powers. Not always are Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver’s lyrics completely discernible, but the key imagery always pierces the somber and dusty reverb. You project your brutal drama onto their poetic mishmosh. It’s glorious. One of Wussy’s greatest charms is the equal power play between lead vocalists Walker and Cleaver throughout Forever Sounds. Many of the songs feature both vocalists, yet it never seems that either are depicting a particular “role” within a relationship. When Cleaver sings “What happened to the one that I adore? She’s killed hundreds maybe more” and Walker joins him in singing the line, we’re not really quite sure what is meant by it. I guess it all depends on your most recent mess or victory.


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Written by Brooke Segarra