May 4, 2016

EP: snake boy gang - much love, snake boy

Flirt with fun pop songs by Philly's snake boy gang.

After overloading on a lot of sad break-up music this winter, it's been really refreshing to listen to fun love songs for a change as the weather has started getting warmer. You know, the kind of music that makes you want to dance and has the power to remind you that being in love can be a total blast when you find the right person. As I've been learning more lately, good love is the type that's simple and comes easily without much effort.

snake boy gang is the moniker of Philadelphia's Madeline Rafter who makes swoon-worthy songs about how love can be super cool sometimes. Each track is only a minute or two in length, but don't let that fool you, every second is jam-packed with whimsical synths, energetic harmonies, and ultra-catchy choruses. This is certainly the case with upbeat and dancey pop song "hanging out" that not only references Gilmore Girls but describes what it's like to reach that comfy spot in a relationship where everything is dreamy ooey gooey perfection – "We've got everything we need / I don't want to want more than you tiny." In a similar vein, "being stupid with you" is a giddy tune about riding bikes by the river and eating junk food with someone you love. And then there's "ice coffee no ice plz" and "yoga with adrienne and us" which are a bit more chilled out but are equally euphoric listening – the latter especially will make you fall into complete meditative bliss thanks to a calming yoga sample in its intro.


Listen to snake boy gang on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo