May 2, 2016

EP: Plush - Please

Plush's new EP Please is sob rock for the soft-hearted.

The word "plush" reminds me of soft, tender things; so it seems fitting that San Francisco's Plush would choose it as a band name.  The four piece self-identifies as "sob rock" and strikes us as equal parts moody alt-rock and dreamy shoegaze, in a Tiger's Jaw-meets-MBV type of way. If we had to describe their newest EP Please in one word it would be heartbreaking.

"After all I've seen, I know I have to unlove you," Karli Helm's glistening vocals hover nearby like a hummingbird in first song "Dream of You." In a haunting tone, smooth honey-like verses paired with fuzzy guitar riffs echo and seep out of this track's corners – appropriately setting the stage for the the rest of the album as it addresses different stages of grief, often jumping between them sporadically in the way its experienced. From the beginning of pleading love song "Please Don't Let Me Go," we're hauled straight into the eye of an emotional storm's aftermath where begging and bargaining are an omnipresent force. In "Go2Bed" and "Sheer Power," Miserable's Kristina Esfandiari chimes in guest vocals and her stylistic influences do not go unnoticed; instead they add to the mysterious and brooding quality of the EP as a whole. "Sheer Power" specifically touches upon sexual empowerment in a subtle way while building itself up into a tempest of hazy, discordant chords by the time it ends and stubborn sing-a-long "Fixes" begins. Closing track, "Fixes" simultaneously packs a punch with a line like "I don't wanna lie with you or lay with you, not anymore" and will make you swoon with lush multi-layered harmonies that form together for the perfect conclusion.


Listen to Plush on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo