May 3, 2016

EP: Julian - Slow Approach

Julian shares two new stunning songs on Slow Approach.

Julian is three friends: Julia, Andi, and Cherrie. The DC based-trio made their debut in the fall with their smush ep and blessed us with two new songs last week. While smush was wonderfully candid and rough around the edges, Slow Approach is carefully curated and brushes by with beautiful, milky precision.

The two songs on Slow Approach are vastly different, which in a way make them even better side by side. "Leaving for Now" takes its time unraveling and gently coasts by, giving us the chance to soak up every drop of the soft warmth in Julia's vocals. As the song progresses, it seems to expand and take up more space as the instrumentation blooms into it a gentle symphony of sorts by the time Julia has finished singing "I can't get you off my mind / I'm glad you're leaving me behind."  Where "Leaving for Now" settles into itself and unapologetically accepts rejection, "Hair" confronts those emotions in a different way and instead chooses to completely unveil feelings of abandonment – "Do you think of me on your own playing shows? / I bet you don't." Half-salty and half-sweet, the sentiment of this statement is vulnerable in the most relatable way.


Listen to Julian on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo