April 20, 2016

Track: Marlaena Moore - "24 Hour Drugstore"

Marlaena Moore's new song is a love letter to every 24/7 drugstore.

One of my favorite things about living in New York is being able to go to Duane Reade at any hour of the night. There's something super comforting about knowing that if I'm having a shitty day I can buy a Twix bar and a sparkly tube of lip gloss at the same time. In my short time living here, I've gone through six different apartments and five different roommates. I've survived an apartment break-in and a break up with a live-in boyfriend. I've slept on friend's couches and on air mattresses in between every home I've had. But throughout every trial and tribulation, my local drugstore has been a consistent beacon of hope with all of its cheap thrills from junk food to celebrity gossip magazines.

Marlaena Moore's new song "24 Hour Drugstore" is about this exact experience. The one where everything in your life is falling apart but at least you know you can go to the drugstore and blow $70 without trying very hard.  Retail therapy is a very real thing and in a psychedelic, almost garage like fashion, Marlaena meditates on this – "Magazines and sunscreen / Candy canes, glucosamine to help kill the pain." Each verse ends with an extra sweet high note, that will surely have you singing along by the time she's finished her last line "My baby took everything / And left me all alone on Christmas Eve / So I'm buying everything that I need."

Listen to Marlaena Moore on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo