April 23, 2016

LP: BB Cream - BB Cream

Finally a band named after one of our favorite beauty products.

If you've ever used BB cream before, you already know it's the dreamiest super beauty product that has ever graced the planet. It primes! It moisturizes! It conceals! It makes your skin look and feel all soft and glowy and cute like a little angel! Yes, I'm very passionate about BB cream so I'm sure you can imagine how much I geeked out when I discovered a pop punk band named in its honor. 

Ontario's BB Cream is comprised of Alanna, Jon, and Kurt. From beginning to end, the trio's self-titled debut is so catchy and fun it's intoxicating even after just the first listen. They are adept at spinning heartbreak in a way that's hyper-giddy and sugary sweet (think The Unlovables on their '05 album Crush*Boyfriend*Heartbreak). With silly, tongue-in-cheek lines like "I'm obsessed with myself because no one else is" on "Narcissus," the band pokes fun at modern day vanity in a lighthearted way. If this makes you smirk, you'll definitely crack a smile during the first few seconds of "6 Dog" where Alanna admits "My friend said you look the way Weezer sounds / And I get so excited when your band plays in my town." Not only is this song the perfect addition to your sunny weather soundtrack, the punchy chorus is an infectious anthem for every summer crush. But it's not just the lyrics that get us, crunchy guitars and bubblegum pop hooks on "See You In The Next Life" and "Do U Wanna" make it really hard not to dance like a complete fool – but maybe that's not such a bad thing.


Listen to BB Cream on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo