March 31, 2016

Premiere: TV Ugly - "Slow Thighs"

TV Ugly's new video will remind you that summer is not so far away.

With each passing cold front and apocalyptic rain storm, summer seems to be inching further and further away. But every so often, a band comes along to trick your brain into pretending you’re at a rooftop party cracking open a 40 and definitely not crying in the middle of the library. TV Ugly is one of those bands, and it’s pretty serendipitous that they’d release their latest single, “Slow Thighs", just in time to remedy the mid-spring slump.

Hailing from Vancouver B.C., TV Ugly is a four-piece comprised of Alie DJ, Gal, and Ragechill. Their debut EP, titled UCLA yankee cola, is out now on Alarum Records. With song titles like “trash party island” and “shiteating”, it’s unlikely that a self-proclaimed “garbage pop band” would sound so saccharine and dance-able. Yet, TV Ugly expertly blends fuzzy DIY garage rock and pop music, like a Garbage Pail Kids version of Beat Happening. We’re happy to premiere the music video for “Slow Thighs”, a goofy road trip replete with milkshakes, tourist traps, and watching Mamma Mia in a motel bed. Read some words from the band and watch the video below.

TV Ugly on "Slow Thighs":

"Hey! We're tv ugly. We toured North America last year and this is a tour music video for our song 'Slow Thighs' from our debut EP UCLA Yankee Cola that we released on September 2015 on Alarum Records."

Listen to TV Ugly on bandcamp.

Taylor Silver, a writer and musician from the swampy hellmouth that is Florida. You can follow her on Twitter, though it is not recommended.