March 25, 2016

Track: Anna of the North - "Baby"

Don't fight it with Anna of the North's new song "Baby."

Anna Lotterud stares off into the distance amidst a cotton candy pink backdrop, one hand cradling the phone and the other grazing her chin ever so slightly in contemplation. We've all been there before – so overcome with yearning for another person that we make our best attempts to telepathically communicate with them (or worse, we say how we actually feel).

"Baby" is an introspective track, one that forces the artist and listener to confront desire in its simplest form. "Are you home alone? I need to know if we're still on" she asks as the melancholy beat picks up and morphs into a full on dream pop soundscape. For Anna of the North, one question quickly becomes two, three, four. She wants to know if her lover still thinks of her and what they need from her. Instead of pretending not to care, she indulges in being truly vulnerable and lets go of every single inhibition. "Don't fight it, baby hold me tight." she begs over and over again; each line of the chorus colliding into the other until there's no choice but to completely surrender to it.


Listen to Anna of the North on soundcloud.

Written by Diana Cirullo