March 28, 2016

LP: Hinds - Leave Me Alone

You won't be able to quit the exciting world that Hinds creates on debut Leave Me Alone.

Hinds, the buzzy garage rock band from Spain, has the ability to draw you in at first listen. Their debut album, Leave Me Alone, is a vibrant collection of emotions and hooks, so much that the overall upbeat tempo is rarely slowed down. The second the insanely catchy chorus of opening track "Garden" kicks in, you cannot quit the world you just entered. What strikes earliest is the captivating dual vocals of Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garcia Perrote, two best friends who decided to start a band after meeting through their boyfriends. Their voices perfectly complement each other, with Carlotta’s raspy higher voice giving off a wild sound and Ana’s deeper, steadier voice anchoring the songs. The two began making music by singing covers of Bob Dylan and other artists. They didn't have any musical background and it wasn’t for a few years that they started writing music themselves.

Like a lot of young D.I.Y. musicians I know, myself included, Hinds thought they would be a “real band” when they put their music on Bandcamp. But their Internet debut created more buzz than they expected. Ana and Carlotta knew to be a proper band, they would need more members, which led to them taking in bassist Ade Martin and drummer Amber Grimbergen. The foursome is essentially the best friend squad that one wishes to have (me specifically). Check out any of their music videos and you will see the girls hanging in their apartment or at a skate park drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. They are constantly making each other laugh and you can't help but feel a pang of longing for their effortless rock n' roll lifestyle. Although the band has a knack for having fun, there's no lack of feelings and passion in Leave Me Alone. Screaming lines like “I want you to call me by my name when I am lying on your bed” in "Bamboo" and “Please don’t leave me” repeated at the end of "Fat Calmed Kiddos", the foursome show off the range of emotions they put into the album. You know what they are going through, you feel how they feel.

Relationships are the topic of just about every song on Leave Me Alone, but the band doesn't just stick to the dichotomy of falling in love or heartbreak. It's a little more complex than that -  you get the sense that the members of Hinds enjoy being in love, the kind of heightened, dreamy state of being you are in when in love, but they know it always isn't that easy. It might not always make sense, but the feelings are real and loud and can’t be ignored. One of my favorite stanzas of the album comes from the song "Chili Town" as they sing, “I am flirting with this guy / Just to pretend I’m fine / Saliva mixed with lies, my laugh is oversized / Forever yours, right?” We've all been in a similar situation - the overplaying of your indifference so your true, more vulnerable feelings don’t show. One of the sweeter and slower songs "I’ll Be Your Man" shows a different side of their view on relationships. They are patient and compassionate when they sing, “And I’ll clean your blood of all that venom /  That keeps you fighting with every mirror”. The track gives me this half-smile content feeling of sweetness that makes your chest feel fuzzy. The last song, "Walking Home", has a particularly straight-forward final line that sums up the entire album perfectly. No metaphors, just the direct statement, “And I really really really love your eyes”. That line made me sigh and think of a certain pair of brown eyes that I’ll most likely never see again but in that moment I didn’t miss her.


Listen to Hinds on Soundcloud.


Hannah Shields is a former child prodigy and current unemployed college drop out. When she is not writing things and filming things about herself you can find her on stage talking about herself and calling it comedy.