February 23, 2016

Stream: Sugar Rush Compilation

Stream the covers compilation of our dreams.

I'm a huge sucker for anything sweet. This weakness has posed quite a few dilemmas for me over the course of my life. When I was a child, I used to constantly leave the dentist with the diagnosis of a cavity to the disappoint of my parents who didn't know about my hidden candy stash. When I was a tween, I used to pretend to hate pop hits even though I secretly loved listening to Beyonce and Britney Spears on my boombox's radio. As I got older, I decided to fuck it and air these vices whether people liked it or not (okay, I try to control my sugar intake because getting fillings suck). You can find me as recently as today at my desk listening to Justin Bieber and eating mini M&Ms. So before I even heard any of the songs on the new Sugar Rush compilation, I knew I would be hooked.

Sugar Rush is basically the covers compilation of our dreams. To say it's limited to "pop" would be restricting, even though that's the genre that typically comes to mind with the idea of a sugar rush. There's a handful of The Le Sigh veterans such as Daddy Issues and Mommy Long Legs covering Keel Her and The Cramps respectively, and new-ish comers like Sundae Crush flawlessly covering TLC's "Unpretty". It's a comp that will transport you back to the defining moments of your youth while introducing you to new artists and songs that you'll become obsessed with (Boosegump's cover of "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac made me fall in love with both the band and the song). You'll want to dance around your room to PONY's cover of Blink 182's "Feelin' This" and stare dreamily at your crush to Kississippi's version of "Kiss Me". The compilation is a collaboration between blog The Grey Estates and Negative Fun Records and will be available on cassette on February 29th. Listen to Sugar Rush below and fulfill all your sweet tooth needs.

Lauren Rearick of The Grey Estates on Sugar Rush:

"A glance at festival lineups, year-end lists and favorite bands are often missing a huge ingredient - female and gender-neutral acts. Sugar Rush was spurred by the idea of giving these individuals a voice, and introducing listeners to their sounds in a most unique way - with cover songs. It’s a fun way to introduce some of our favorite bands to new listeners, and celebrate the spirit of giving everyone one sweet platform to showcase their talent. We thought of the A-side as the sugar-y side, the sweet candy you enjoy before the B-side, when all that sugar begins rushing through your veins, leaving you ready to dance, party and load up on more sugary goodness. Sugar Rush is meant to be enjoyed, over and over again, just like your favorite desert or candy item."

Mommy Long Legs on Sugar Rush:

"The Cramps have influenced Mommy Long Legs in so many ways. We try to live the Lux and Ivy lifestyle. We covered 'Tear it Up' at our first show we ever played as a band. Their songs are simple and fun to play and they just fit well with our style and sense of humor. We wanted to be on this compilation because 1. We love The Grey Estates, they have been so supportive of us since we were just starting as a band. 2. We are stoked to be on a compilation with so many badass women. Feminism to us is about uplifting and supporting other female identified musicians, artists, people and aliens."


Listen to Sugar Rush on bandcamp and pre-order the compilation here.

Written by Emily Thompson