February 26, 2016

Premiere: Alina Bea - "The Wanting"

Listen to a new track from Alina Bea's debut EP, Live Undone.

I recently learned about the concept of Saturn returns. Basically, when you turn 28-29, Saturn comes back to where it was when you were born and the planet shakes up and makes you re-evaluate your life. I only found out about this because during the second half of 2015, my whole life was turned a little upside down. Job changes, break ups, major moves - for a few months, it felt like my life was never going to return to just feeling normal. Although I'm a little too young for Saturn to be coming back towards me (can't wait for four years from now though!), all of the momentary disaster in my life showed me that no feeling is permanent, and it's just a matter of pushing through to the other, brighter side. These are themes solo artist Alina Bea (real name Alina Cutrono) explores on her latest EP, Live Undone, which comes out today on New Professor Records.

Live Undone came about after the dissolution of Alina's former band, Body Parts, along with the break up of a long-term relationship. Alina channeled these emotions into her own solo project and the result is an empowering effort that shows that not all break ups will leave you broken. Today, we're sharing debatably the most heart-wrenching song on Live Undone. "The Wanting" deals with the darkest part of a relationship, when you realize you might not be what your significant other wants or needs anymore. Alina delivers lyrics like "I can see there's something eating you / aching under everything you do" over church bell-esque synths before breaking down in the chorus, when she yearningly sings, "There's just too much wanting / is this all there is between you and me?" But rest assured, throughout the rest of Live Undone, Alina works through these shitty feelings to come out even stronger. Listen to "The Wanting" below and read some of Alina's thoughts on the song and the EP.

Alina Cutrono on "The Wanting":

"'The Wanting' is about realizing you can't be enough for someone else; the sadness of a long-term relationship gone stale. I recorded the songs for Live Undone in a very intense and formative time in my life. I was suffering from a lot of self-doubt and existential dread. Making the album was a way of proving to my abilities to myself. It was a terrifying, but thoroughly rewarding experience and I am very excited to share it."


Listen to Alina Bea on Soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson