December 11, 2015

LP: Honeyuck - Very Tiny Songs

Honeyuck's very tiny songs is giving us a heart-shaped bruise.

I often feel so small. I feel it in a lot of ways; I’ve got child-sized wrists and fingers so thin that rings slide straight off of them. My gums are still holding onto a few baby teeth at nearly twenty years old, and I can never find headphones that fit inside my freakishly tiny ears. I’m just generally not associated with the word ‘big’ in any way, both inside and out. But that’s okay – I like to feel small. In saying that, though, I’m pretty fragile all over: I bruise like a peach. I prefer to let the world in little bits at a time, and never let anything get too loud. This is why albums like Honeyuck’s very tiny songs fit right into my small world.

Honeyuck is Hannah Wait and Lexi Long, a duo from Satellite Beach, Florida. They describe themselves as “just two cute girls making cute tunes” – and their latest album, very tiny songs, perfectly nestles into this description. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got a heart-shaped bruise in the midst of my ribcage and when it’s poked or prodded by cute, twee music, the hair across my arms pricks up; I’ll immediately find myself coated in goosebumps. When listening to very tiny songs for the first time, this feeling came over me like a wave. very tiny songs manages to embody all kinds of moods without ever getting too loud. Barely brushed guitars are paired with catchy keys and topped off with feelings of after school crushes and unrequited love: “All the leaves have turned brown / I can’t think with you around / you’re ink inside my pen / when will I see you again?”.

As the album goes on, these feelings dig deeper than surface crushes, and delve into broken hearts – the last track, "wasted eyes", touches on the feelings of the end of a relationship, in those last moments of exhaustion: “I will close your wasted eyes / if you’re tired / I’m tired”. Words like these might come off as glum when reading them on the screen, but listening to them is soft and sweet. With their breathy harmonies and a touch of tambourine, Honeyuck take end-of-the-summer, melancholy feelings and make them dreamy. That’s the magic of very tiny songs. Hannah and Lexi bring together handfuls of small, downhearted moments, and let them wash over you – but their sound, gentle and honeyed, lets those moments pass by softly without crashing down in heartache. And if you’re like me – an easily-bruised peach – this is just the right way to let those kinds of feelings in. very tiny songs is a heart-shaped bruise that stings, only a little bit, only when the time is right. So let’s talk about the sad times, quietly, laying in the long grass – and let’s sway along as we do.


Listen to Honeyuck on bandcamp.

Madalyn Trewin, a scrawny Australian teenager, who is feeding her obsession with dogs, David Lynch and Daniel Johnston twenty-four hours a day. If not that, she's writing about things she likes and saturating her friends in glitter so she can take photos of them to post onto her blog.