October 30, 2015

Stream: Boosegumps - B-Sides

Stream Boosegumps' B-sides on their tape's release day.

Just as the flowers were starting to bloom last Spring, we fell in love with Boosegumps' album  and have never looked back. Today is wonderful for a few different reasons: it's Friday, Halloween is tomorrow, and Boosegumps' cassette is out via It Takes Time Records. If you loved what you heard of the A-Sides in April, you will undoubtedly swoon over the B-Sides. Each song is like an ooey gooey lullaby that makes you want to get up and dance with your pals. We suggest carving pumpkins and stuffing your face with candy corn while streaming the B-Sides below.

Heeyoon Won of Boosegumps on the B-Sides:
"The “B-Sides” is a collection of experimental songs I wrote and recorded after the release of “☺”. For a while I had these songs hidden away or had them uploaded on Soundcloud, but I decided to release them on the other side of the “☺” tape because they’re more silly and light compared to the songs on “☺”. They are mostly songs about wanting things, emotionally and physically, like wanting to groove all the time and wanting more toys for my toy collection. I want people to get emotional with me on Side A, then groove with me when they flip the tape to the “B-Sides."

Listen to Boosegumps on bandcamp and order the tape here.

Written by Diana Cirullo