September 16, 2015

Premiere: Long Beard - "Dream"

Listen to Long Beard's new song "Dream."

Listening to Long Beard's debut album Sleepwalker is kind of like digging deep into your psyche to recall your earliest childhood memory. It might not always be easy to uncover or pinpoint but the project's soft echoes and hush lullabies elicit feelings of the past and future. If you aren't already familiar, Long Beard is the project of songwriter Leslie Bear from New Brunswick, NJ. Her ethereal new album will be released on October 23rd via Team Love Records and today we're thrilled to stream a new track from it entitled "Dream."

Leslie Bear of Long Beard on the song "Dream":

"This song is about a dream I had that I remembered very clearly when I awoke and kept thinking about for the rest of that day. In the dream, I found a hidden room that had belonged to someone who had been gone for a long time although they left their belongings behind. I wasn't afraid, but I felt a heaviness that almost calmed me.” 

Listen to Long Beard on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo