July 9, 2015

LP: Long Neck - Heights

You're not alone with Long Neck.

"Unemployed recent college graduate goes to work at her family's guitar shop and wonders when her pop punk summer will begin" reads the most recent tweet on Lily Mastrodimos' Twitter and it's a sentiment that we can relate to. Mastrodimos is one piece of the puzzle for East Coast-based band Jawbreaker Reunion, but on her own she writes and records music under the moniker Long Neck.

I actually discovered Long Neck by accident on bandcamp. First track on her new album, "Lullaby" started off so soothing, but halfway through during the build-up I started questioning where I remembered her vocals from. That's not to say Long Neck is just like Jawbreaker Reunion, but if you appreciate one you'll likely geek out over the other. Heights, recorded during the Spring and Winter of 2015, is a collection of songs that were written during Mastrodimos' four years of college in Upstate New York. Definitely a long time in the making, the album speaks to semesters on campus away from home and everything that entails. In "Heights," she coos "Tomorrow I go back upstate, not long til I graduate" and later in the song "New Jersey, I don't want to go but you know I love you so." Almost immediately I'm transported to my own memories of driving to and from school; feeling strung between two different lives, two different homes. Falling somewhere between folk and pop, Long Neck is a warm blanket for the nights you're feeling in limbo and looking for a place you belong.


Listen to Long Neck on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo