July 28, 2015

EP: Angelic Milk - Pale

Enter the dreamy pink world of Angelic Milk.

I’ve never been to St. Petersburg. I’ve never been to Russia at all for that matter, but I imagine it to be cold. A seven hour time difference away from me, Sarah Persephona (a.k.a. Angelic Milk) is making music in St. Petersburg, Russia. I checked the weather there, and it’s not too cold. It's a bit colder than Bennington, Vermont is right now (a humid hell hole), but still pretty temperate. Rain is predicted later this week in both St. Petersburg and Bennington.

Pale is Angelic Milk’s most recent EP, and luckily for us it just got reissued by label PNKSLM. It’s a slow, fuzzy dive into Sarah’s dreamy pink world colored both by angst and liberation. The namesake of the EP, “Pale”, is a dark ode to dangerous love, the lyrics infused with imagery such as “melting like a sugary cloud / so glad that I'm with you” alongside disturbing declarations like “I want you pale, I want you sick.” Angelic Milk does a fabulous job of juxtaposing the dark with the danceable. This is especially true of the song “Gingerbread House”, a subtly sinister song with bouncing drums. I’d say its the most moshable song on the album, which a label I don’t use lightly. “True Love” ends the album on the eeriest of notes; it’s a story of love and death that sounds like a lullaby. Sarah sings “Through the rhye meadow / He’ll come I know / What if he comes here / With gun in his hands” over sparse instrumentation. It reminds me of certain Joe Hisiashi scores; he’s the dude that does the music for all the Miyazaki movies and one of my favorite contemporary composers. The comparison comes from the way in which the melody feels somehow eternal. I can barely wait for a full LP from Angelic Milk; in the meantime I’ll have her bandcamp bookmarked for easy access at all times. 


Listen to angelic milk on bandcamp.

Drew Lucia is a very fresh freshman at Bennington College, far away from her hometown Los Angeles. She loves living in Vermont because it gives her a chance to wear very unflattering clothing all the time. She likes making movies, writing sad things, and listening to Portishead most of the time. She thinks email is still a valid form of communication, so if you want her to write you a sad poem, say hey. She feels weird writing about herself in third person, so that's it for now.