June 18, 2015

Premiere: Naps - "Sandspurs"

Listen to Naps' new track "Sandspurs" and their Sky Ferreria cover.

Finding out about Naps felt like being told a really good secret. My boyfriend showed me them on a recent road trip to the South – he had heard of them through a friend of a friend who was in the band. This telephone-like line of discovery felt fitting for the Florida-based foursome. The three songs they have online are dusty pop gems that could have been featured on a past indie-pop tape compilation (I mean, one of these songs is Tiger Trap cover). After the aforementioned trip, I listened to songs "Jean Skirt Mystique" and "Floral Mattress" constantly, but felt a tinge of sadness since I was used to finding a band I loved that had a couple of songs on bandcamp but have since virtually disappeared (i.e. Silkies, Possum, and many more). But lucky for us, Naps doesn't plan on not releasing music anytime soon. It's almost as if they knew I had exhausted their available songs because today we're thrilled to premiere their new track "Sandspurs."

"Sandspurs" is the A-side to Naps' second digital 7" and the last before they release their debut EP later this year. "Sandspurs" begins with vocalist Katryn delicately declaring, "I remember when you were sweet / You pulled the sandspurs out of my feet", before things break down both musically and lyrically. When the speed picks up and the drums kick in, out comes the realization that this relationship isn't so sweet anymore. The subject of the song has since moved on, and you can hear the mix between aching and breakthrough realization when she sings, "Do you still feel it in the air? / Am I clinging to an old affair?" The song was recorded in Katryn's bedroom last spring and it contains the perfect combination of fullness and lo-fi intimacy that made me fall in love with Naps in the first place. Like the "Floral Mattress" 7", the B-side is also a cover, but this time Naps takes on Sky Ferreira's breakout banger "Lost In My Bedroom" to amazing results (who knew that song needed a harmonica?). Listen to "Sandspurs" below and hopefully this will tide you over til the next Naps release.


Listen to Naps on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson