June 30, 2015

Featuring: Pinky Swear

Pinky Swear is so tight, they (almost) agree on their favorite Beatle.

The Rio Grande Valley of Texas is home to everything without a home, from its cultural melting pot to its disgustingly hot summers. The valley, or ‘el valle’ as its known, provides the perfect home for a band like Pinky Swear. The foursome is made up of friends Sarah, John, Christian and Max. Their history is simple: John and Sarah were doing, in Max’s words, a little “some-some” when they asked Max if he wanted to be a drummer, to which Max naturally responded, “uh, okay!”.  Christian was present at a band practice stringing a guitar when he was asked if he wanted to join as well. “He learned all of our songs in a week, it was awesome,” said Sarah. The title of their latest release, Only One Person Came To My Graduation Party, was inspired by Sarah’s unusual high school graduation timing. “I went to Options, so I graduated in November before Fun Fun Fest so after I finished high school, I just went to a guy’s house and drank wine and went to see Merchandise. So in a way, only one person went to my graduation party.”

The release is filled with songs about the troubles that come with being young and in love. “It is much easier writing a song when you’re upset,” the group noted. This is made obvious in songs like “Until You Love Me”, which constantly repeats, “I’m going to strangle you, until you love me!” But Pinky Swear is much more than just angst - their music is also full of beauty and grace. When asked to name songs they wish they had written, the band jumps into speaking of other bands from ‘El Valle’ and quickly agree on a song by Jesika Cueta titled "Dear Alaska". When talking, they seamlessly mesh together from Sarah’s refusal to call herself the front person of the band to the band’s persistence in asserting the fact that she is just that, to the way they decide to let go of the topic all together. Pinky Swear is a true, tight knit crew. For example, everyone with the exception of Christian, even agreed on who their favorite Beatle is (George Harrison won the race with Pinky Swear). Their affection for Harrison is beautifully showcased in the gem that is “Need U”, also from Only One Person. “You don’t realize how much I need you/ Love you all the time and never leave you” is whispered and later yelled by Sarah in this song and it never fails to create chills in my heart.

Trying to describe what Pinky Swear was the hardest task of the evening as several options were thrown around. At one point, Sarah suggested the band sounded like the Mandy Moore movie "A Walk To Remember". She went as far as suggesting that Pinky Swear should make their own version of the film featuring music solely by the band. But eventually the band seemed to agree that the perfect way to describe the sound was, “an emotional walk at the park.” Put your earphones on and go outside, watch the motion of the flowers and the shapes in the sky. Listen to the way the wind is hitting your hair, and look at how the little rocks you are stepping on look. Think but not too much, disconnect yourself but not too far. Once you’re doing this, press play, and you'll also fall in love with Pinky Swear.

Listen to Pinky Swear on bandcamp.

Edgar Durden lives in McAllen and runs a tiny label. Once he was told he has that James Dean daydream look in his eyes.