May 12, 2015

LP: Peach Kelli Pop - III

Peach Kelli Pop is a finely tuned power-pop machine on III.

Peach Kelli Pop is the punk-Kawaii vision of L.A. based songwriter Allie Hanlon. Burger Records knew what they were doing when they put out the first batch of Allie’s homegrown demos that placed Peach Kelli Pop out of her bedroom in Canada and onto a cassette. Though Peach Kelli Pop’s past two albums have been the multi-instrumental work of Allie alone, she’s enlisted a few heavy hitters for III, including Katy Goodman of La Sera, musician Wyatt Blair, and producer Joel Jerome.

On the band’s third album, simply titled III, it's clear that Allie has grown Peach Kelli Pop into a finely tuned power-pop machine. III is as physical as a fuzz pedal to the heart. It could easily soundtrack a video game in which the goal is to save Hanlon and her pony-tailed girl gang from an angry punk rock mosh pit. From falling in love with a sex doll on “Plastic Love” to smashing the patriarchy on “Big Man,” Hanlon's sugar-sweet melodies are blisteringly percussive and that’s what keeps Peach Kelli Pop from airing on the side of “precious.”

III's unflinching focus doesn't miss a single beat, from hopping bass lines to frenzied guitar licks. The melodies often double on top of each other as both single notes and fuzz-blown chords. Amidst fireball riffs and a scaling xylophone, Hanlon never lets up her tight grip on these jolts of power-pop even for a second. Peach Kelli Pop’s world of nude beaches, Lolita glasses, shampoos, and Sailor Moon has never felt more alive than on III. Perhaps it’s due to the wizard like touch of L.A.'s indie hit-maker Joel Jerome, but there is a significant leap in production quality on this record than on Hanlon’s previous releases. However, the elements of bedroom pop DIY remain in her songwriting. The switch from low to mid fidelity doesn't affect the lovesick pluck that made us fall in love with Peach Kelli Pop in the first place.


Listen to Peach Kelli Pop on bandcamp.

Bryn Lovitt is an L.A.-bred Pisces who shares a birthday with Kurt Cobain and Patty Hearst, which she believes explains her perfectly. She spends her time freelance writing for several magazines and composing love songs for Jordan Catalano on a pink electric guitar.