April 22, 2015

Stream: Tomboy - Sweetie

Stream Tomboy's debut album Sweetie for the first time.

Tomboy is no stranger to The Le Sigh. From being featured on our Vol. I tape compilation to reviewing their cassette back in '13, we've had heart eye emojis for the Boston-based four piece comprised of Ali, Hanna, Madeline, and Meghan for a while now. If you've been staying updated, you've probably been counting down the days til the release of their debut album entitled Sweetie. Serious Tomboy fans will notice that the album is a culmination of new and old – previously released tunes "Sweetie" and "I'm in the Fucking Band" appear on the record. While new favorites like "Tomboy Anthem" and "Can't Stand You" are fueled with as much attitude as they are empowerment. The full album drops on April 28th via Ride the Snake Records but you can stream it in its entirety below in the meantime.



Listen to Tomboy on bandcamp.

    Written by Diana Cirullo