April 10, 2015

Premiere: The Pretty Greens - "Elevator Eyes"

Listen to a new track from Philly's The Pretty Greens.

The first few days of warm weather after a long winter are exhilarating. You can FINALLY say goodbye to long underwear and puffy coats and soak up the much-needed Vitamin D. It should be a glorious time to bask in the heat before it gets too hot, but your bliss is interrupted when someone hurls a "Hey beautiful" or "Why don't you smile?" your way. Ah yes, spring and summer also mean that the infuriating catcalling season is upon us! Two years ago, we were given Tomboy's "Sweetie" from THE LE SIGH Vol. I to blast while ignoring unwarranted comments from strangers. Today, we have The Pretty Greens' "Elevator Eyes" for channeling our frustration.

"Elevator Eyes" is the opening track of The Pretty Greens' latest cassette, Lonely Hearts Club - No Jerks Allowed, which will be out on Negative Fun Records on April 21st. Don't be deceived by the carefree strumming in the beginning of the song - the two minutes that follow are a strict reinforcement that "we won't be abused" to all "the creeps on the street". Listening to "Elevator Eyes" is the next best thing to shouting a big "FUCK OFF" to anyone who talks to you while you're just trying to walk home or to work. You can get a first listen of the track and check out the inspiration behind the song from The Pretty Greens below.

The Pretty Greens on "Elevator Eyes":

"Born from the anti-street harassment movement and local street-art campaigns, 'Elevator Eyes,' is an anthem for all those who are fed up with being harassed on the street. We realized there weren't many songs that directly reflect what it's like to get hollered at all the time just because of your gender. Being told to "smile" or getting hissed at as soon as you walk out the door is harassment and can take a mental toll on a person. Our lyrics, paired with in-your-face bass lines and aggro drum progressions, sends the clear message that street harassment is tired as Hell and needs to stop."


Pre-order the cassette from Negative Fun Records here.

Written by Emily Thompson