April 8, 2015

LP: Gal Pals - Velvet Rut

Here's to the Gal Pals.

Earlier this year, Paper Cup released the debut record from Gal Pals, Velvet Rut. The album brims with sunshine though we are still barreling through the slow early spring months over on the East Coast. Even the songs that throw little daggers are as sunny as they are snarky, providing fuel to warm your toes and the need for shades until summer arrives.

The duo, made up of members Lauren Marie Mikus and Jillian Talley, crafted the record with Ringo Deathstarr’s Elliott Frazier, delivering sounds that mirror the hands-in-the-air positivity featured on the album art. In the extremely relatable “Dumbhead,” they declare, “I don’t date, I just wait to fall in love.” This sentiment permeates with poignancy and honesty that flows unassumingly through the rest of the record. The idea is one that truly reflects the difficulty of navigating romantic relationships in this day in age. Still, Gal Pals bursts out of the gate with lovely turns of phrases. They word things so perfectly, these lyrics will make you want to sit on the roof of your apartment this summer and blare these songs to the high heavens, as if to say, “Dear world, this is the state of the union!”

On come-hither bangers like “Earthquake,” Gal Pals will call out in lip-licking harmony, “So shake my world up, you little earthquake!” For the ultimate theme song, look no further than the record’s standout track, “Here’s to the Gals.” A song that’s about you and me and everyone we know, turn this one all the way up to get your sufficient source Vitamin D now through the Fourth of July. The song serves as a thesis statement for this pop-punk delight. Familiarity doesn’t place hold on this charming record’s lovability. From start to finish, Velvet Rut powers through, with smiley, orange guitar tones and lively drum beats that chug along seamlessly song after song. An inviting opening statement from the Austin-based band, the record encourages multiple listens. Put it on. Soak up the sun. Get ready for shorts and sweat with this one, as we look forward to more from Gal Pals and their infectiously optimistic sound.


Listen to Gal Pals on Soundcloud.

Jeanette Wall, a Libra who watches My So-Called Life, idolizes Cyndi Lauper, and eats mac 'n' cheese. She runs a music zine and writes about music and comedy. She lives with a cat in Brooklyn.