April 13, 2015


Boosegumps' confessional and cathartic debut.

Spring is always one of the weirdest times for me. Every year I go through some sort of grand catharsis right as the snow melts and flower buds start rearing their little heads. It's usually caused by something, whether it be a rite of passage like graduation looming or the end of a serious relationship. Regardless, springtime has always felt like an excuse to wander around the park and feel hopelessly confused in the best way possible.

Boosegumps' debut full-length album entitled is the perfect companion as I walk aimlessly around the city with zero idea of what is going on in my life. The album is filled with hyper-emotional verses that are no doubt sad, but the sweet, milky sound of piano and melodica on some tracks evoke something a little more complex, maybe even a bit hopeful. From the album's opening track "ART OF LOSING" to the last song "AWAKE," its hard not to empathize with the Heeyoon Won's personal confessions of loss, defeat, and frustration. In "FOREVER" she admits "I don't feel too alive today / this strange feeling won't go away." In "FADE AWAY" her dreamy vocals confess "I'm nothing without you" and in "DISAPPEAR" she howls and coos "How come nothing feels real? I never tell you how I feel." And while these are just a few examples, the collection as a whole echoes similar sentiments – the kind where the only thing you can do is wrap yourself in a blanket and hope for better days. And that is exactly what we'll be doing, at least until summer comes.


Listen to Boosegumps on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo