April 13, 2015

EP: Pity Party - Pity Party

Not all pity parties are a bummer.

I’m a Californian. But here I am, in rural Vermont, walking through melting slush and mud on a grey day in March. It’s officially spring, but there is snow on the ground. I repeat, SNOW on the ground. I am not used to this. I am not a fan of this. The way I typically cope with unsavory weather is by re-watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or alternating between listening to Elliott Smith and Daniel Johnston on repeat. So I was glad I wasn’t alone in this ritual sad-fest as I listened to Pity Party’s debut EP.

What characterizes the group from Scranton's album is its utter bittersweetness. There's simultaneous feelings of isolation and relief that drench these songs to the bone. The first song on the EP is titled “Cold Day in July” and it's bursting with bright lyrics like “Fill my lungs with summer air” that are juxtaposed over a sort of sad, rhythmic drawl of drums and melancholy twinkling of guitar. It’s the perfect song for a girl with an inclination towards tropical weather stuck in deceptive 20 degree sunshine. The vocal style and gloomy temperament of Pity Party reminds me of early Vivian Girls with more polish. “Fuxu” is a song with a sneer (“And the blood that runs through you doesn’t run through me / You’re a traitor, a captain, abandoning crew at sea”) and it packs the power to make you wanna throw a punch at that special someone who makes you feel like shit. These songs make me wanna cry and kick. These songs have feels. “Home” especially resonates for me now as a college freshman with lines like, “I wanna see if I can grow / Before I come back home.” It's a reevaluation of what “home” means, a song strung with the confusion that comes with leaving and then coming back to a place that you often can’t recognize, and the struggle with identity that a change in location presents. It’s powerful. Each song on Pity Party gave me something different to relate to, something new to hear, something more to cry to. This EP is the best pity party I’ve been to in a long time. Please excuse me for the pun.


Listen to Pity Party on bandcamp.

Drew Lucia is a very fresh freshman at Bennington College, far away from her hometown Los Angeles. She loves living in Vermont because it gives her a chance to wear very unflattering clothing all the time. She likes making movies, writing sad things, and listening to Portishead most of the time. She thinks email is still a valid form of communication, so if you want her to write you a sad poem, say hey. She feels weird writing about herself in third person, so that's it for now.