March 10, 2015

Premiere: Faith Healer - "Infinite Return"

Listen to "Infinite Return" by Faith Healer for the first time.

Faith Healer is the solo project of Jessica Jalbert. From the first line of their newest track, "Infinite Return," we are transported into a hot sticky dreamworld where flowers are budding and time lapses in slow motion.  "You in the trees and I on my knees, there is no one to please so the pleasure releases." The duo sounds like Azure Ray with a salty twist on this song, as well as others on Cosmic Troubles. Listen to the track below and get ready for the full album due out on 3/31 via Mint Records.

Faith Healer on "Infinite Return" off their new album:

"This song's about a sublime feeling. It's also about being lazy as hell, about unnamable acts, and my pretty uninformed take on the concept of amor fati. Last time we played it live we snuck in a tiny excerpt of Jann Arden's 'Insensitive' in before the bridge, because that song is amazing and it's chorus kind of slides right in."


Look out for Faith Healers' debut album out on 3/31 via Mint Records

Written by Diana Cirullo