February 23, 2015

Split: Jawbreaker Reunion / PWR BTTM

Jawbreaker Reunion's new split might be short, but it's certainly sweet.

I’m a crier. I’m the girl who cried to the new Drake album, alone, in her car last night. I cried over every Super Bowl commercial. I cry whenever I watch live videos of Left Eye. And I’m proud – why shouldn’t I be? In what seems like, in my opinion, a culture saturated with disaffection and ambivalence in a staunch attempt to look cool, we gotta value every tear we have. That’s why we read THE LE SIGH, because we’re not afraid to cry, we actually look forward to it. Despite my cry-pride, I was ecstatic to find a band that didn't make me want to bawl and that got me out of the Elliott Smith-esque black hole I’ve been in all winter. I mean, of course there are still tears, but thanks to Jawbreaker Reunion, they’re twee tears filled with joy. Instead of Drake-tears filled with guilt.

“Short and sweet” is the most on-point way I can describe Jawbreaker Reunion’s songs on their new split with PWR BTTM, Republican National Convention, a title almost as misleading as the name Jawbreaker Reunion. I’m gonna stop being short now, but I’ll stay sweet. I mean, how can I not be, with lyrics like “What do I deserve? A man who loves me like I am”. That’s potentially the most angst-free lyric that’s been found on a bandcamp page. No, actually, this is: “I wanna go where I see you smile everyday”. You know what, I wanna go there too. I don’t even know who’s smile I’m gonna see, but I wanna be there. The last song on the split is called "Andrew In Drag", which I’ve been listening to on repeat and if I don’t write something out I might never stop, which might not be a bad thing? I’m putting my pride away and making a reference that is totally a classic Tumblr-girl move, a thing I try to avoid, but, as we’ve already established, I am not cool. So here we go. I don't know why, but every time I listen to this song, I picture that part of "Perks of Being a Wallflower" where Charlie goes to Rocky Horror and has to play Rocky and it’s just super cute. You all know what I’m talking about. You’ve all read it. I know you have. So just trust me here: take that image with you when you listen to this song and the bittersweet tears will be rollin’ like no tomorrow. You’ll thank me later. These songs are packed with real sincerity. You can hear it in the harmonies, the guitar, the drums, the bass, the lyrics. It’s there in all its sparkly, happy-teared glory. And that’s what I’m always really looking for when I’m listening to a song. That cry-worthy sincerity.


Listen to Jawbreaker Reunion on bandcamp.

Drew Lucia is a very fresh freshman at Bennington College, far away from her hometown Los Angeles. She loves living in Vermont because it gives her a chance to wear very unflattering clothing all the time. She likes making movies, writing sad things, and listening to Portishead most of the time. She thinks email is still a valid form of communication, so if you want her to write you a sad poem, say hey. She feels weird writing about herself in third person, so that's it for now.