February 9, 2015

Premiere: Yowler - "The Offer"

Listen to the stunning title track from Yowler's debut album.

Is it possible to turn off your brain from thinking too much? As winter marches on, I'm struggling to fight the isolation that the cold forces upon you. Every time I opt to stay inside my apartment, I end up getting trapped inside my cluttered head. It's difficult to find a release when doing anything outside of my room requires freezing to death. The only escape I've found lately is listening to Yowler, the new solo project of All Dogs and Saintseneca's Maryn Jones. Her debut album, The Offer, is best listened to while curled up under a million blankets and hiding from the world.

Yowler shows Maryn deviating from the bombastic sounds of her other projects and moving towards something more minimal, but equally as powerful. On the first single, "7 Towers", she channels Moon Pix-era Cat Power while exploring subjects both mystical and intimate. "The Offer" is the last song on the album and is instrumentally skeletal while Maryn's voice dances on top of an acoustic guitar. Gone are the days of Maryn's cynical view on love as she quietly sings,"The offer I make / is a promise to stay here", before exploding into a tinkering piano and layered vocals. Maryn Jones, you slay us once again. The Offer will be out on March 10 on Double Double Whammy and you can pre-order the cassette now.


Pre-order the album from Double Double Whammy here.  

Written by Emily Thompson