February 18, 2015

Premiere: EULA - "Meadows"

An interview and new song from Brooklyn's EULA.

Occasionally, I think about what music I will play if the apocalypse ever goes down. I'm not sure if this is a normal thought to have, but I was pretty much convinced the world was going to end in 2012, so I want to be prepared. The first time I heard Yeezus, I was like, This is it, this is what's going to be blaring from speakers when the world explodes. But since discovering EULA, I think Kanye has been dethroned from his spot as the apocalyptic music mastermind in my head. EULA is fronted by Alyse Lamb, a Brooklyn-based artist whose vocals juxtapose sweet singing with harrowing shrieks. Alyse is joined by Stephen Reader and Jeff Maleri on drums and bass and together they create some of the most fascinating, intense post-punk out there. Today, we're excited to premiere "Meadows", which highlights just how heavy the trio can get. The song is blink-and-you'll-miss-it fast, but you won't be able to get Alyse's shouts out of your head. EULA's sophomore album, Wool Sucking, will be released on March 3rd through her own Famous Swords collective and Mirror Universe. I talked to Alyse about Wool Sucking and collaborating with Taylor Swift, and you can stream "Meadows" below.

THE LE SIGH: When you Google "EULA", the definition comes up as End-User lLicense Agreement. Where did the name EULA come from? 

ALYSE LAMB: I started the band when I was a little squirt so I didn't even know about end-user license agreements when I chose the name. I liked the word "eula" for its openness and airy quality. I loved that it was swimming in vowels. I recently found out that Eula was the name of my Great-Great-Great Aunt from Alabama. Fate? Coincidence? Not sure. It would've been really cool though if we named our band Foot Science and it turned out my 1880's Aunt's name was Foot Science. But I guess I'll take EULA. 

TLS: Your recent video for "Noose" is both beautiful and terrifying (and a little True Detective-esque) - what was the inspiration behind it?

AL: Thank you. And wow so weird you say that, Woody Harrelson was supposed to be my love interest in the video, but our schedules never matched up. The song is about being rescued... and the fear that you weren't given the proper tools to survive on your own. It's also a song about shedding one's cocoon... and being kinda petrified over what to do when you've received wings. Jason Shelton directed and edited the video. He's an amazing visual artist, actor and musician and his love for chocolate croissants is unparalleled. We both had a vision that was dripping with moody layers and strong visuals. I tend to take a very active seat in the editing process, so I want to thank Jason for his patience with me and all my ridiculous notes.

TLS: EULA's sophomore record Wool Sucking is coming out in early March. What can we expect from the record? 

AL: I wrote Wool Sucking after leaving a very warm nest. Sometimes a little voice inside you becomes too loud to ignore, and you must make drastic changes in order to grow. I moved to a big, bustling city with thousands of people but I never felt so alone in my life. It was a culture shock for me. The songs on Wool Sucking reflect loss, fear, transformation and eventually excitement. There are a lot of extremes on the album, and it is dense with textures and various moods. We recorded the album with Martin Bisi who's worked with some of my favorite artists, so I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with him on these songs.

TLS: In addition to the band, you also founded the arts collective Famous Swords. Do you have any upcoming plans for the collective?

AL: Right now we're focusing on the release of Wool Sucking which takes up a lot of woman-and-man hours. Our next project is curating our third "Castle of Spices" event. "Castle of Spices" is a wildly collaborative/experimental show series that involves performers from all different mediums (musicians, poets, performance artists, painters, visual artists, etc). Our goal with these shows is to strike up creativity and collaboration amongst artists. In the very near future we also plan to write and direct our first short film. Details are secret.

TLS: The band's influences on Facebook include a few food-related items - what's your favorite thing to cook? 

AL: I loooove to cook. One of my favorite dishes to make is stir-fried broccoli and tempeh in a Sriracha-peanut sauce over rice noodles (no dessert because I ate too many noodles). I hope to make a Led Zeppelin-themed cookbook one day. I'll probably call it "The Saute Remains the Same" or "D'yer Bak'er" or something like that.

TLS: If EULA could collaborate with Taylor Swift, what would your song sound like? 

AL: I'd have Taylor play drums while I play dress-up.


Pre-order the cassette from Mirror Universe here.

Written by Emily Thompson