February 20, 2015

Interview: Diet Cig

Get ready for the Diet Cig/Britney Spears super tour of 2015.

Being on the cusp of adulthood is probably the weirdest stage of life. I have my own health insurance and a "real" job but I still eat mac and cheese at least once a week and cry when anything goes wrong. I do all these things that are considered "grown up" but I still feel like I have the emotional capacity of a sixteen-year-old. Diet Cig's debut EP, Over Easy, is the perfect encapsulation of all of these feelings – living in your own apartment but not owning basic necessities, being a tiny bit bitter about your ex's new girlfriend, and feeling nostalgic about the town you grew up in.

I'm going to gush a little bit – Diet Cig is 100% my favorite new band. Over Easy was the only thing that stopped me from listening to The Pinkprint for the 100000th time. Diet Cig is a duo made up of Noah Bowman and Alex Luciano, two friends based in New Paltz, N.Y. that joined forces to create possibly the greatest indie-pop-punk-whatever band. Noah and Alex were kind enough to indulge me and let me ask them a bunch of questions about dumb pop culture shit. Over Easy will officially be out on Father/Daughter Records on February 24th and they're playing their release show on the 23rd at Brooklyn's Silent Barn. Read on to find out about Diet Cig's celeb bffs, their favorite egg dishes, and what they'll be wearing on tour this spring.

THE LE SIGH: If Diet Cig had to go on tour with any ninties band, who would you tour with and why?

ALEX LUCIANO: Bettie Serveet! What a bad bitch.

NOAH BOWMAN: I would go with Weezer.

AL: Weezer would be fun too. I feel like they'd be a fun nineties band. Do The Strokes count as nineties or are the 2000s? I want to go on tour with The Strokes and live my high school dreams out.

TLS: Ok so, if it was early 2000s it would be The Strokes.

AL: Definitely Britney Spears. Oh we're back in the nineties? I would go with Britney Spears and The Strokes. SUPER TOUR! Diet Cig, Britney Spears, and The Strokes. It caters to all audiences.

TLS: Who would be Diet Cig's pop star best friend and who would be your pop star nemesis?

AL: Taylor Swift would be our nemesis. I like her because she's goofy but she looks like a small dog person. I think we would be best friends with Lily Allen. She released that Sheezus record and she's just like a bad bitch that doesn't give a fuck about anything.

NB: My pop star best friend would be Justin Timberlake and my nemesis would be Ne-Yo. Too many fedoras.

TLS: What Beyonce song would Diet Cig most likely cover?

NB: What was that one...I can't remember the record...But there was one that was like...


NB: Yeah that one. We should do that.

Alex: Maybe we'll do that on tour.

TLS: Did you see that story about Jack White's insane rider? What would you have on your rider if you could pick anything?

NB: Endless amounts of grapefruit.

AL: Oh my god yeah, I want a lot of clementines. I want to take a bath in yogurt before every show. Not Chobani though, I want like the key lime pie Yoplait Whips.

NB: I feel like that would give me a headache. Just like all that key lime yogurt? Actually, that sounds kind of nice.

AL: It sounds great. Also, vegetable cream cheese with bagels. Homemade. Not in the bath, the yogurt bath is separate. I need to cleanse my body before my performance.

TLS: Is that a thing people do? It sounds like something fancy people would do, or it would be on GOOP.

AL: This is a total aspiration. If you find a place that specializes in yogurt bathing, please let me know if that's a real thing.

TLS: Which Kardashian are you most likely to keep up with?

AL: Khloe! She's the best, she's the most levelheaded and just like awesome. She's always taking care of everyone and making sure they're okay.

NB: I would keep up with Kris Humphries, even though he kind of fucked up a little bit. I'm so outside of pop culture but so into basketball, so I just knew about him through basketball and I was like "Oh that's cool, he's marrying a Kardashian", and then it was over and I was like, "Aw he's just a dickhead that married a Kardashian".

TLS: What member of One Direction would you most likely flirt with?

AL: All of them, all at once, they're just one harmonizing amorphous blob in my head.

NB: I don't know any of them but my friend I grew up with, his little sister had all of the cut outs in her room when they first got popular. I would walk by her room when the door was open and have a heartattack every time because it was just like, four dudes standing inside her room and you would be like, "WHAT IS THIS! They're like fourteen! You can't have boys in your room!" But it was just cardboard. They were the worst! I hated them.

AL: We should get them of ourselves. We're playing a show on April Fools Day and I think it would be really cool to get cardboard cut outs of ourselves and put them on stage and we'd have microphones from behind and be like "We're Diet Cig".

NB: And we'd play in another room or like behind a wall or something. Just paste our faces on some pieces of cardboard.

TLS: Going along with the album theme on Over Easy, what's your favorite egg dish?

AL: Quiche is pretty good. I like that you can bake eggs into a pie, that's cool. I just had a really good breakfast grilled cheese before we started talking and it had hash browns in it and focaccia bread, that might be my current fav dish. What about you? Do you like egg salad?

NB: I had that too. No, I don't like egg salad. Sometimes?

AL: I guess just like the classic bacon, egg and cheese with hash browns.

NB: Classic. Put a hardboiled egg in there.

AL: NO! Just over easy. Sometimes scrambled.

TLS: On a more legit note, where are you excited to tour this year?

AL: Everywhere! I've never toured before, so I'm really excited to go everywhere.

NB: Yeah, I'm really excited to go to Chicago since I haven't played out there yet. But we're going on tour in March to Chicago and through Ohio and back through Virginia and the coast for like three weeks, so that'll be fun. I'd love to go to the West Coast at some point since I've never been there either.

AL: I'm excited to go to Virginia and maybe it'll be warm and I can wear like, a nice vacation dress...

NB: It's not that far south! It's like eight hours south of where we are.

AL: Well I can wear like, a light jacket...I think that'll be great.

TLS: When you're on tour, will you be dressing for fashion or for comfort?

AL: Fashion is comfort! I think it's really fashionable if you're comfortable in what you're wearing and you're like doing your thing. If your outfit is so comfortable you can climb a tree in it, then it probably looks awesome. If you're in the tree. So I'd dress probably for comfort...also for fashion. Throw some jump suits in there.

NB: I'll just wear some white tees and I'm good.

AL: Noah's over here in Michael Kors, rocking out. Just kidding, our tour is actually sponsored by Chanel. They gave us a lot of pearl earrings to wear and some fancy bags for my guitar. Can I get that? Chanel, if you're listening out there, come through on our tour.

TLS: If you had to perform in uniforms, what would you wear?

AL: Vacation dad outfits? Hawaiian shirts? No! Space suits! Noah wore a space suit for Halloween once and it was so cool. I wish I had one, so if we both had space suits it would be awesome. We'd dress up as astronauts, go full out NASA. Instead of Chanel we could get sponsored by NASA.

NB: We need a helmet, boots...

AL: I would just crush my pedals with that boot.

NB: I had a helmet on when I was playing and it spun around because it was too big for my head and I was completely blind for a whole song, it was kind of funny.

AL: Don't they have secret microphones inside the helmets? So they can be like "HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM?" Britney can wear one too when we can go on tour together.

TLS: Like the "Oops...I Did It Again" video. So you're going on tour with Britney Spears in 2015 wearing space suits. 

AL: That sounds like the dream, sponsored by the Chanel / NASA. Chanel, diamond-encrusted space suits.

NB: That's some Lady Gaga shit.

AL: Functional and fashionable! You can climb a tree in that.

February 20 – Albany, NY @ The Low Beat
February 22 – Bard College @ The Root Cellar
February 23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn (Record Release Show)
February, 28 - Kingston, NY @ BSP Lounge
March 2 – Purchase College @ The Stood
March 3 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium

Listen and pre-order Over Easy from Father/Daughter Records here.

Written by Emily Thompson