January 27, 2015

Stream: Lightning Bug - Floaters

Stream the debut album from New York's Lightning Bug.

If you live in New York like we do, there's a high chance you're snowed the fuck in and already getting bored because how many times can you watch New Girl on Netflix before it gets old? It's also highly likely you've never heard of Lightning Bug, the moniker of New York-based musician Audrey Kang. Audrey is slightly anonymous in the digital world, with only a handful of followers on Soundcloud and a few songs available online. But this will hopefully change with the release of her first album, Floaters.

Hearing Floaters for the first time felt like discovering the Internet's best kept secret. It's a rare album that brings together a variety of styles to flow in a cohesive manner. Each song takes on a different tone and influence, from the blown out shoegazey "Luminous Veil" to the Broadcast-inspired "Bobby". There are times when the album drifts into ambient soundscapes or a lo-fi piano segment, but none of these twists or turns ever feel aimless. Audrey describes all of the songs on the album as memories and it's hard not to get lost in them as you listen. Audrey is playing her first show as Lightning Bug on January 31st at Baby's All Right and if you're smart, you won't miss it. You can stream Floaters below and pre-order the cassette on bandcamp.


Listen to Lightning Bug on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson