January 20, 2015

EP: Vagabon - Persian Garden

Vagabon’s Persian Garden is an interplanetary experience.

When the clock struck midnight this New Year's, I was hurling all over my boyfriend’s Nikes. Standing at the front door, a voice called, “Happy New Year! It’s already a shit one!” – and even through all the vomit circling through my body, I felt safe enough to say that I wasn’t feeling too perked up about the big 2-0-1-5 so far. The turn of last year to where we are now left me woozy and – sure enough – very, very confused as to where I had misplaced my bearings. The New Year felt loud, and although I had my eyes sealed shut, far too close – and I could feel myself drawing in just at the thought of the next twelve months looming up in my headlights.

Luckily, I was only into the first week of the big 2-0-1-5 when I got myself acquainted with Brooklyn’s Vagabon. It was their latest tape, Persian Garden, that was just the remedy I needed to feel at peace with that weird feeling beneath my bones. What first drew me into this four-piece was the name they went by, which, although spelled differently but I am sure can be firmly linked to the word ‘vagabond’ – noun: a wanderer moving from place to place unsure of their home or place in the universe. The thought of this lingered at my spine as this release sunk into me and tapped me into exactly what I feel shapes this record.

Persian Garden is a soundscape that I haven’t had the guts to step foot on until now, and it’s filled with the hums and crashes we all need to follow us into the walk from this year, to the next, and whatever else to come. The mesmerizing vocals of Laetitia Tamko work as the twine to interlace each six songs of this record together, while still allowing the band space to reverberate between one another. Each track ricochets into all kinds of directions, proving the dynamism of their influences as the band stretch their muscles between power-driven drones to the kind pull of a violin. It’s exactly what ties this four-piece together, nice and tight, and it’s exactly the kind of sounds we need to lure in the wary wanderers within us all.

Persian Garden may not have been the listening experience to trace out the rest of my existence, but it brought something better out of me. Vagabon’s interstellar take on controlling their own soundscape will smooth out your doubts and line your footsteps forward with fuzz. The space they point you to may not be the place you call home, or even the place you need to go – but this record will be sure to lead as your soundtrack wherever you may wander.


Listen to Vagabon on bandcamp.

Madalyn Trewin, a scrawny Australian teenager, who is feeding her obsession with dogs, David Lynch and Daniel Johnston twenty-four hours a day. If not that, she's writing about things she likes and saturating her friends in glitter so she can take photos of them to post onto her blog.