December 16, 2014

Stream: i tried to run away when i was six - its so nice

Stream i tried to run away when i was six's new album, its so nice.

It's pretty shocking that this is the first time i tried to run away when i was six (but got too scared to cross the street) has shown up on THE LE SIGH. We've been paying close attention to Domenica Pileggi's solo work since it showed up online less than a year ago. But being a relatively young project hasn't stopped Domenica from being active. i tried to run away's bandcamp page is peppered with a variety of releases such a split with Adult Mom and Cyberbully Mom Club, an acoustic song-a-day project, the synth-focused album beat juice, and a more full-band effort called Stay Golden that features the Golden Girls on the album artwork. Domenica isn't afraid of experimentation, which makes the anticipation of a new release even more exciting. Today, we're thrilled to get the chance to premiere Domenica's latest album, its so nice.

its so nice is a mostly solo effort by Domineca, but adds Jean Cochrane on drums. The addition of percussion and electric guitar adds a new warm, lushness to the tracks and shows Domenica taking on new styles and challenges as a musician. The subtle rollicking of "New York" presents the banality of the situation at hand (getting a parking ticket) in a way that's actually soothing. "I Don't Mind", a personal favorite, is a drawling, country-esque song that's underlined with old timey "shoo-ba-doops". There's even a song called "22", which is NOT about feeling miserable and magical, but instead about having a chill birthday hanging out in your room and playing shows. its so nice officially comes out on tape next week on Sea of Tranquility Records, but you can listen to the first stream of the album below.

Domineca Pileggi on its so nice:

"Its so nice has a lot to do with learning to be alone - both wallowing in loneliness and finding strength in the time you spend with yourself. I started writing songs a year ago when I was very sick, I had been bedridden for the better part of a year already and felt incredibly alienated and needed to work through it as I was still sick and not leaving bed anytime soon. While I write a lot about being scared and alone I also think its important to have some "thank you" tracks for people that have made life easier for me these past couple of years as well as a "fuck you" track or two for people that have only made my life more miserable. I like to think over all this record is positive, I like to think of it as tangible proof of my survival and a diary of how I spent this year feeling while keeping it broad and simple enough to be relatable. These are some of my favorite songs I wrote this year and I hope you like them too."


Listen to i tried to run away when i was six on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson