November 18, 2014

LP: Ex Hex - Rips

Ex Hex is having fun now.

During my first listen of Ex Hex’s debut album, Rips, visions of The Donnas danced in my head. Specifically, I thought of their role as the impermeable high school gala band in the 1999 classic "Drive Me Crazy" – they played a band called The Electrocutes. Perhaps even more specifically, I thought of that badass video that AV mastermind / BFF of Adrian Grenier’s character Ray Neely may or may not have made in real life. Probably not. The point, basically, was The Electrocutes was portrayed as a fun band, one that presumably the members were in for fun and everyone went to their shows for fun, and also for making out, of course.

I recently read an interview with guitarist Mary Timony about Ex Hex and Rips. She said something along the lines of, “We don’t have anything to prove”. To Mary and the other extremely talented members of Ex Hex, Laura Harris and Betsy Wright, this band is pure, unadulterated fun. They make music they like, and you it's evident through all the tracks on Rips. Each song bubbles over with catchy hooks and beautifully, bludgeoning guitars. The songs are playful and hearty, whether they bouncing around like "New Kid" or shimmying along like "Waterfall". "How You Got That Girl" is a sunny banger that warms the heart like the late 1970s sun. Between the Marc Bolan vocal effect and the twangy guitar leads, you can tell that this band is made up not just of talented musicians, but also people who have actively decided to make music that they love. Thus, I'm making my new goal to have them play at the next formal ball I attend.


Listen to Ex Hex on Soundcloud.

Jeanette Wall, a Libra who watches My So-Called Life, idolizes Cyndi Lauper, and eats mac 'n' cheese. She runs a music zine and writes about music and comedy. She lives with a cat in Brooklyn.