November 18, 2014

EP: Sheer Mag - 7"

It's hard to stay away from Sheer Mag's tough yet sweet 7".

Like a multicolored jawbreaker or a bright piece of  dispenser bubblegum, the debut 7” from Philadelphia's Sheer Mag seems hard on the outside. Bite into it, however, and you'll find your tongue covered in sugary goo. Low on production but high in skill, singer Christina Halladays's vocals sound like they're coming through the other side of a trucker's old radio. Her soulful snarl of “AY-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!” at the beginning of “Point Breeze” proves that it's not always the words that matter, but the emotions behind them.

After all, some serious feelings can build up in a cruel city. You used to do nothing but hang out with your buds in plaid jackets, desert boots and pick-up trucks. Now you're a 9-5 kind of girl who's a victim of classic rock culture shock. What gives? A little hard lovin' might be your cure. As Christina sings on the closing track, it's hard to stay shy when you get the whiskey twinkle in your eyes. It's doubly tough to stay away from Sheer Mag's songs and the giddy rush of sweetness that comes along with it.


Listen to Sheer Mag on bandcamp.

Alanna Yaraskavitch, a 2nd year journalism student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. When not photocopying the latest issue of her perzine, Alanna also writes about music for Weird Canada and Razorcake. Give her a holler on Tumblr or Twitter.