October 6, 2014

Monday Mix: Finding Home

Finding your place in a new city can be tough.

I moved to Philadelphia almost a year and a half ago. As with any moving experience, it takes time to feel like you can call this new place "home". I’m not sure I’m there yet, but I’ve come a long way in terms of adjusting: making new routines, amassing a great circle of friends, and adventuring. A large component of each of these things is without a doubt, going to shows, which I find myself doing every few days.

Show culture in Philadelphia really lends itself to excess: very few shows I attend are more than $5, there are multiple everyday, and Philadelphia proper is all within five to ten miles of itself. In my year and a half of seeing bands play, I’ve seen some truly incredible women play some truly incredible shows. This mix is dedicated to some of those live performances that really stuck with me (GO SEE THESE BANDS 4 REAL) and provided a soundtrack for my ttransition into a real life post-grad. I always find that by the time you reach the beginning of something you’ve forgotten how you got through it last time. It’s way harder and lonelier and anxiety-inducing than you can remember. But it’s really okay because you can go to a show or listen to music, and forget that for a little while.

1. "Point Breeze" - Sheer Mag
2. "Secret Surprise" - Joanna Gruesome
3. "Bottles" - Nona
4. "Say" - All Dogs
5. "90210" - The Courtneys
6. "don't go away ahumpf acgroomf"- free cake for every creature
7. "All the Girls" - Heavy Bangs
8. "Year of the Sunhouse" - Little Big League
9. "Paranoia" - Amanda X
10. "Dirty Laundry" - Cayetana
11. "At Bay" - Parasol
12. "Terror, No!" - Mannequin Pussy
13. "Mummy I'm Ugly" - Good Throb

Madeline Meyer, a Los Angeles transport to Philadelphia. She writes screenplays and plays guitar and sings in Littler. Her favorite things are olives, board games, and dad jokes.