October 2, 2014

LP: Palberta - Shitheads in the Ditch

Get empowered by Palberta's gnarly take on post-punk.

The first time I heard the agitated vomit-punk group Palberta, I was blown away by the bands gnarly approach to post-punk. Palberta’s latest album, Shitheads in the Ditch, amplifies that aesthetic to even more terrifying and haunting heights. The upstate New York-based band has always written songs that are both abrasive and seizing, but there are some unexpected new changes here: “My Plan” is reminiscent of sixties girl group until it quickly transforms into a demonic cacophony of shrieks, yelps, and harsh guitar.

Since their inception, the trio's gained praise from the rulers of weird including OSR Tapes and Feeding Tube records. One of the things that makes Palberta so incredible is the strange feeling of crude empowerment that can be derived from their music. With classic riot grrrl-inspire melodies, we gain empowerment in a political and philosophical sense, which is wonderful in it’s own way. But Palberta is one of the only bands that gives me a kind of “I will haunt your fucking life” feeling of power. This is the kind of revenge music fit for Chuckie or a gremlin, making its unique kind of strange so much more enticing. Shitheads in the Ditch is the gift that keeps on giving, from its sarcastic take on “Electric Avenue” to the reoccurring lyrics from album to album on “She Don’t Got It” ("I don’t want it/ She don’t got it"), and I will definitely be appreciating this present for a while.


Listen to Palberta on bandcamp.

Claire Macon, who's from Atlanta, Georgia but is currently a student at the University of Vermont. Her hobbies and interests include Kathleen Hanna, eating tacos, and petting dogs on the street. She also has a Tumblr thats mostly consists of some of her own photos and pictures of flowers.